Open Futures

Open Futures has been empowering young people and early career professionals to stand up to racism, hate and prejudice. Through the lens of stories, our workshops explore themes of inclusion, social leadership, diversity, values, ethics and empathy. Our show-not-tell, strengths-based approach puts young people front and centre.

Open Futures opens up all the assumptions we make about the diverse people working, living and playing around us in our communities and neighbourhoods.

  • Why do we label groups or individuals?
  • How do we form judgements?
  • How we can display empathy to others online and offline,

Our workshops explores safe and tangible strategies for challenging bullying. Rather than using labels, we emphasise the role all of us can play in challenging bullying and prejudice.

By challenging the status quo, we are able to re-create a new future; one that is open and inclusive.

Step Up

Open Futures’ ‘Step Up’ program is a schools and community based innovative leadership program that trains and nurtures young people from culturally diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives on issues they are most passionate about with a wide variety of audiences.

While there are many specialist voices willing to talk about youth issues, we think it is often more insightful and meaningful to hear from the real experts – people with lived experience.

By training young people in public speaking and connecting them to speaking opportunities at a range of public forums, Open Futures empowers and enables young people to be active citizens and actively promote positive perceptions of young people as respected and influential members of our communities.

What is involved?

Step Up workshops cover topics such as leadership, storytelling and self-care as public speakers, followed by individual speaker support, regular catch-ups and professional development. 

About us

We share tools and approaches to building inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives, through the lens of living examples, case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. 

What we do

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An open resource. A think tank with a goal: let’s build inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives.