Kavisha Mazzella

Kavisha Mazzella AM is an artist, folklorist, musician, composer, broadcaster and singer songwriter. Born in UK, migrating to Perth WA in the early 60’s with her family, she is of Anglo- Burmese and Italian heritage.

She has been a tireless promoter of Multicultural Australia through her musical activities empowering communities through story telling and song. She was composer for Deck Chair Theatre Fremantle for many years. She has conducted vocal workshops and formed many choirs all over the country, run workshops in Aboriginal communities, advocated for Refugees through her online gallery Song Of Refuge Gallery made art, recorded albums, toured overseas with her music and nationally.

She hosted her own weekly radio show Planetary Wanderer from 2016-18 in Castlemaine Central Victoria. She has won many awards including Multicultural Commission Award for Excellence 2008, Green Room Award 1996, ARIA award for best world music album 1998.

She received an Australia Day Honouring 2011 for her contribution to the music, refugee, women’s and indigenous communities of Australia.

She is currently based in Yanchep West Australia.

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