How we work

Stories are powerful. They can change the world for better or worse. We are surrounded by stories and use them as a form to engage with people who are like us and those who are different to us.

At the heart of ‘The Open Exchange’ are the stories and experiences of our presenters, consultants and contributing partners.

Our diversity and inclusion training, delivered through ‘The Culture Exchange’ for organisations, and ‘Open Futures’ for young people and students, offers ways to address forms of social discrimination through building cultures of conversation, compassion and respect.

Our programs are designed to address forms of bias and provide practical ways to cultivate a greater sense equality and respect within our communities.

Our goal is to provide participants with key tools and awareness to help cultivate inclusive spaces for all people, no matter their race, sexuality, gender expression or identity. 

Training activities are based on experiential learning where participants are encouraged to learn and reflect by doing. This approach allows participants to put themselves in realistic situations with the opportunity to practice the tools and language required for safe and constructive intervention.

Key outcomes

  1. Gain awareness of the barriers to bystander intervention.
  2. Learn techniques to intervene with skill and finesse.
  3. Engage in ‘difficult conversations’ with greater effectiveness.
  4. Recognise the potential for social leadership to create inclusive social norms for all people.

Key elements

1 x workshop delivery (3-6 hours)
2 x expert facilitators
Up to 25 participants
Diversity & Inclusion resource manual for each participant

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We share tools and approaches to building inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives, through the lens of living examples, case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. 

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An open resource. A think tank with a goal: let’s build inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives.