The Culture Exchange


Learn by doing and reflecting in real-time


The Culture Exchange is a collective of trained facilitators who use use experiential and improvisational learning methods. 

 We custom-design and deliver experiential culture change programs for individuals and organisations navigating complexity and change.

We provide training, facilitation and consultancy to help individuals and organisations:

  • adapt and thrive in changing environments
  • effectively diagnose complex challenges; and
  • skilfully intervene with creative solutions. 

How we work

“Stories are powerful. They can change the world for better or worse. We are surrounded by stories and use them as a form to engage with people who are like us and who are different to us…” 

Who we are

Meet the team

Shankar Kasynathan

Shankar is a Commissioner to the Victorian Multicultural Commission and a human rights campaigner for Amnesty International.

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Veronica Lopez

Living and working across the world, Veronica has seen the strength of diversity and the importance of inclusion.  

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Prudence Melom

Prudence is the founder of E-raced, a non-for profit organisation that aims to erase racism through story telling.

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Kavisha Mazzella

Kavisha is a winner of various awards including a 2011 Australia Day Honour for her services to singing and songwriting and reflecting the experiences of indigenous, refugee and multicultural communities in Australia.

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Erfan Daliri

Erfan is an author, poet, social change trainer and consultant with a Masters in Communication for Social Change. He has over 15 years of experience working with NGOs and government agencies in a diverse range of areas.

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Declan Furber Gillick

Declan Furber Gillick is an independent, multi-award winning artist and educator. His creative practice spans playwrighting, hip-hop, rap and music production, performance, composition, poetry, prose and visual arts.

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About us

We share tools and approaches to building inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives, through the lens of living examples, case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. 

What we do

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An open resource. A think tank with a goal: let’s build inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives.