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The Open Exchange helps people and organisations unleash their greatest potential to create positive social impact. We work across communities to create the right conditions, resources, tools and programs to help people tackle social and environmental challenges, changing the world for the better.

The Open Exchange is a social enterprise focused on the support and development of inclusive and diverse communities. We work from across Australia and the globe with a growing team in three different program areas: The Open Exchange, The Culture Exchange, and Open Futures.

A range of factors commonly stand in the way of an individual or organisation successfully turning their ideas into positive impact, but we’re here to help.


Erfan Daliri – Director, Strategy and Growth

Erfan Daliri is an author, poet, cross-cultural communication trainer and social change consultant with over a decade of experience across participatory community development, youth empowerment, refugee settlement services and human rights advocacy. Erfan is particularly passionate about empowering young people and organisations working towards gender equality, social harmony, sustainability and economic justice. 

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Veronica Lopez – Director, People & Culture

Veronica is a global citizen with lived experience as a refugee from Latin America. She has worked on global projects in sustainable tourism and currently advises government on community safety. 

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David Ham – Chief Operating Officer

 David has worked across diverse sectors including health, international aid and development, employment services, peak bodies and advocacy groups. He also has wide experience working with diverse communities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people with a disability and culturally and linguistically diverse people. 

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About us

We share tools and approaches to building inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives, through the lens of living examples, case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. 

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An open resource. A think tank with a goal: let’s build inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives.