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Grow the music – The Open Exchange

Grow the music – The Open Exchange

Ten years ago Lizzy Rutten was working as a surgery theatre technician in her home city of Canberra. Life changed for the thirty four year old musician when she first came to the Kimberley for a visit in 2009. She would return a further three times, staying for a...

Trust at ground zero – The Open Exchange

Trust at ground zero – The Open Exchange

It was Jack Trust’s funeral. Several hundred people were filling the community hall in the East Kimberley community of Wuggubun. Many had known the Indigenous leader personally, while others had driven out bush to show solidarity and support for the Trust family,...

Being Joongara – The Culture Exchange

Being Joongara – The Culture Exchange

It was a weekday night when Giancarlo Mazzella arrived at home to find a young Gija girl sitting on his doorstep. He wasn’t to know that she had already been waiting for two hours for him. Mazzella would be asked to accompany the young girl to her auntie’s home. It...

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“The Cultural Exchange is an important voice in the conversation about how we make our communities more inclusive and welcoming.” 

Brad Chilcot

Founder, Welcoming Australia

“The team at the Open Exchange make it easier for us to move forward on growing cultural diversity in our spaces.”

Sarah O'Keefe

Director - Waverley Cleaning Group

“The Culture Exchange is fresh, original and principled, ensuring that we learn first and foremost from people with stories to share about how this work will include and engage them.”

Lisa Sinha

CEO - Gippsland Multicultural Services

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We share tools and approaches to building inclusive and welcoming communities, spaces and lives, through the lens of living examples, case studies and interviews with leading practitioners. 

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