About us

The Open Exchange responds directly to a call to action from a community articulated need; namely to address social isolation, disconnection and low mental health literacy particularly men from migrant and refugee communities.


This initiative was made possible thanks to contributions from the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Welcoming Australia and the H.N and E.A Sinha foundation.


We are proud to present this work to you.

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Our team

The Open Exchange is led by those with lived experience of psycho-social challenges and working closely with diaspora communities and their organisations, the Open Exchange seeks to build mental health literacy among its participants, through a multi-faceted community engagement approach:


• Empowering community leaders to share a resource with their communities and subsequently in their own language
• Creation of online resources that can be easily shared across different generations of a given community
• Access to counselling services where community leaders in mental health first aid training support individuals to navigate the mental health service system in Victoria

• Development of place-based assets that are safe and accessible, and encourage help-seeking self-led behaviour change 

Prince Kennett

Bruno Spandonide

Vinay Nair

Jagesh Panchal